JUST A FEW TRIAL PHOTOS - most of the pictures will show a larger view if you click your mouse above them








The water tank girls Winter 2004 (July) - better weather in NewZealand.This must have been one of the rare occassions when the girls weren't asleep or keeping their eyes open for Hot Surf Dudes.





The man in action - young Dan Crosbie just on his way up to dice with the big boys - will he follow in the tyre marks of Darren Barton and Carl Fogarty - all regular customers at the North Wests leading spares supplier.




Doubt it- Dan wants to be in front of EVERYBODY. Looks like the next step will be into the 600's. How fast does this man want to go!



Just a photo to prove we don't know were Dan gets the good looks from - better stay off the photos in future Andy - a few brolly babes would be much better.





We haven't got a cage but we keep the karate kid inside on the dyno -safer for the public - this is the closest we ever get to a smile.

This year Chris is hoping to make it into the Guinness Book of Records with the aid of a baseball bat - if he gets it wrong he may be using a zimmer frame next year - anyone wishing to help him raise money for charity during the event, please contact Chris at Thorncraft or via the chris@thorncraft.co.uk




This would have been a picture of John our web host and site designer- but we've never seen him. If we had a picture we could have made a WANTED POSTER - sorry no rewards though.


Garth in action many many years ago - don't think he can remember how to ride a bike these days - this one was easy for him to handle being automatic - spends all his time posing these days - www.bigwideworld.com/browse/member.asp?nickname=garth- give him a vote he needs it.





Sorry Mrs.Fogarty they had to start practicing in someone's garden.






BIG D in action down under - makes a change to see him in action these days - long time since we've seen him in action on a bike, either pedal or motor.

Interested in archery - www.foxhill.thorncraft.co.uk


Graphics by Thorncraft.

BMW all ready to go for the Project Gotham Racing promotion event, organised by Microsoft and X-Box.

Sabine Schmitz - German DTM Nurburgring 24 hour champion and star of Top Gear Nurburgring events just checking out the suspension.

Regards and thanks for some excellent graphics - Mike Cooper.

West Pennine Motorcycle Trainings, Dave Robinson at the wheel of the GT3 Porsche, prior to his latest spell of playtime at the Nurburgring.

Midnight XS - featured in October 2007 issue of Back Street Heroes.

The result of a lot of hard work and midnight sessions by Adrian Crook (Cliff Crook & Sons / Handy Hire - Blackburn)

Even more pics of the XS.
At this rate, Ade is going to need another issue.

Still trying to work out who this is ? Maybe she's reading up on the highway code! Watch this space - coming soon - first we couldn't get her on a bike, now we can't keep her off.

More recent picture of Garth - not trying to ruin the Fogarty gardens this time, but keeping a hold on the Foggy-Petronas girls.
Sorry Andy always forget to get your pictures on here - the best sponsored rider we have ever had - pictured here in the early days.
Nice bit of cornering - the old faithful Suzuki just keeps on going.


Just showing Wabs the way home - nothing new there I here you say - Sorry what did you say Wabs ?


Paul Charman - in action on the moto-x track - now changing his ways and taking up the road racing alternative - everyone seems to go looking for the fame and fortune - or maybe they learn a bit more sense and just avoid the dust and dirt.
Dan on the Thorncraft-McCready Honda.
Yes you guessed right this man has just escaped from a home for the mentally insane - no not really its just Phil trying to hide his BMW in the mud - they wouldn't take him in the home anyway.
Just to prove that we know best how to sort out the Aprilia - pity we can't wrap all the Christmas presents like this lads.
If you live in or around the Blackburn area and have any interesting pictures of you and/or your motorcycle why not send in a photo and brief caption - in fact wherever you live what's stopping you - the more the merrier.
Bamber action on the KX60's.
Cousin Dan in action on the QR50 - Graduated to trashing his RG125FUN these days - Garth to the right crashing as usual - Gary to the left now to be seen with the Foggy-Petronas team (watch out for the disguise though - he has put a bit of weight on)
Outside the shop on a BSA I think - approx. 1960 at a guess.
Austin Foy in action on the Thorncraft assisted Honda - still in the Darren Barton livery in this picture.
Brandon Sharples ready to race his KTM...
... and leaving to competition behind.
A future Champion in the making
A fancy dress at halloween at mine (Left to right Garth, Sue, Lee, Leon, Peely and Russ at the front)
Leon with Lee chasing at Cadwell
Leon with two broken wrists after Mallory
The Crowe- Russ in Action at Anglesey
Leon on the R1!
Garth at Anglesey
Lee at Anglesey (just before he binned it!)

Emily Pitstop Racing

Still waiting for Emily to test drive one of the cars herself.

We know you arn't a jibber really - you just forgot to turn up for the ski-ing, motor-x, sailing, archery, dancing etc.etc.etc

.Mark wants to know does he have to deliver the car to you for the test drive - you could just mail scoot

p.s. PITSTOP go easy on the right foot! one engine a year is enough for anyone - remember it might rattle a lot but it only goes bang once.

Good to know your navigation is improving - at least you've found your way to the shop now.

Dearest Lisa

Do you realise that when I first stood behind this gate the metal was all freshly painted. I have been standing here so long since your birthday that the paint has all dropped off and the rust has begun to set in. Please hurry up Lisa - Christmas is on the way now and if you think I am standing here in the snow, youv'e got another thing coming. Just in case you decide to come and visit email scoot

p.s. when you are not Morris dancing, working or TIRED - you could go Salsa dancing for a change - a little bird told us that you are running out of excuses at last.



So these substitutes pictures of action aboard the Laser 1 and 4000 will have to do for the time-being. The enlarged pictures give a better idea of scoot in action - joking really - scoot is much better at standing on the bottom of the hull than this unfortunate stand in.




Just an old drawing I found - thought it was a shame not to put it out on show -

you will have to translate it yourself or ask if you want to know what it means.

The Mad Moped Challenge 2007 - the lads from the Shoulder of Mutton

getting ready for their charity ride out.

A better view of the "sixteen year old" adventurers - no wonder the police are in the background keeping an eye on this lot.

Yet another drawing from ages ago for the young ladies of Belmont Morris Dancing fame - our sponsored dance team !

Belmont Morris Dancers

Kelpie & Co (Show-offs)

Just typical that is - I do all the running and jumping - She gets the rosette -At least you get a better view of me without that rusty gate in the way - And by the way, don't listen to her spreading all those rumours that I don't behave, as if!!!!

Ian in his 2 stroke Saab

Brandons KTM 65


Micks KDX 200

James Hay's KTM 65 Rovers